Simply Copy and Paste the following search engine code into your home page!
Your Home Page ID Code is already installed.


<table BORDER="0" CELLSPACING="0" CELLPADDING="0" width="236" height="82">
<tr width="100%" ALIGN="CENTER">
<td ALIGN="Middle" VALIGN="MIDDLE" background="">
<A HREF="">
<img SRC="" WIDTH="200" HEIGHT="80" BORDER="0"></A><br>
<INPUT NAME="col3col5col7col8" size=16>
<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME="comp1col3col5" VALUE="any">
<INPUT name=link3 type=hidden value=4> 
<INPUT name=link5 type=hidden value=6> 
<INPUT name=link9 type=hidden value=10> 
<INPUT name=protocol9 type=hidden value=mailto:>
<INPUT name=link11 type=hidden value=12> 
<INPUT name=link14 type=hidden value=15> 
<INPUT name=sort type=hidden value=col13rev >
<INPUT type=submit value=Search>  
<INPUT name=begin type=hidden value="<TR>"> 
<INPUT name=middle type=hidden value=none> 
<INPUT name=end type=hidden value="</TR>"> 
<INPUT name=top type=hidden value="<TABLE border=2 cellpadding=5 width=95%>"> 
<INPUT name=bottom type=hidden value="</TABLE>">

You can also do a "View/Source" with your browser and then highlight the
code and press "ctrl" "insert" to copy the code.