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Why just link to "Search Engines" on your home page when you can easily have a, fully functional, Search Engine designed and maintained by YOU!

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Search! by "any of the words", "all the words" or by "phrase"
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Automotive Listings Search Engine
Create Email Lists Search Engine
Real Estate Listings Search Engine
Employment Agency Search Engine
Keyword searches of photographs Search Engine
Employee and Department Search Engine
Keyword search your On-Line Store
Student, Alumni, and Faculty Search Engine
Create your own "Specific Subject" search engine.
Tons of Information (Advanced Users Only - Defaults will work fine "as-is")

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination! Example 1

Search Engine Software
Search! by "any of the words", "all the words" or by "phrase"
Control the order of results by "priority listing"!

Try software, games, or photo as test (Yes, even include images in the data!)


--As Low as $395 Installed with Your Graphics!--
Starter DataBase Included with 9,000 links.
(Custom work is usually very little additional $$ if any, we've built just about everything!)
We even provide free software for database upkeep or use Excel or Works

Prefer a totally "do it yourself approach"? Software only with no tech support is $59.95!
Unlimited Use License Available $7,500
Best for creating multiple search engines for customers.

Questions and Custom Work??

* All You need is CGI-Bin Access on your Host UNIX Server
Ask Your Internet Provider!

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